Cyraal is essentially the law capitol of Feron. As such, it is the location of a large circuit of various courts. It also home to its primary attraction, the Grand Court of Feron, where Tiberius Urek himself, the Grand Judicator, holds trial.

The city is situated atop a low hill, with the Grand Court standing at its apex as a great tower. At the top is the Cyraalian Bell, which sounds when the the Grand Judicator reaches his verdict. The walls of the town have all been white-washed, making in gleam in the sunlight and giving it its iconic look.

Several families live in Cyraal (such as the Turnquests), though it is not a town where one simply moves. It is primarily a court city. Inns are available for those whose cases are brought to the Cyraalian courts. Markets are, of course, available, and it possesses enough town guardsmen to stand as a small army.

The town is surrounded by walls, though its gates are always open for travelers. Standards bearing the insignia of Bahamut fly from the ramparts and from atop various buildings.


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