The largest human kingdom on Migna, Feron occupies most of the north west coast. It borders the dwarf kingdom Rinultulon and most of the elf tribes.

Formed eighty years ago, the land that makes ups Feron was once owned and occupied by the dwarves of Rinultulon. It was claimed by humans after the dwarves fled during the devastating Bole’s War; straining relations between the two races since the war’s end.

Edan Weldanhall is the third king of Feron; He and his advisors, such as Tiberius Urek, have done much to safeguard the country. New laws were written concerning magic, to put better restrictions on the study of it in order to prevent anything similer to the Rule of the Magisters from happening again.

Feron must be guarded against wandering undead and other invaders. Constant patrols and small armies roam the the borders of Feron, keeping the unrelenting dead at bay.

The small raids on coastal towns has grown in recent days, and it seems some group has organized the pirates. Now they engage in crippling strikes against the ports; only Laskan and Nevan have remained open and relatively undamaged.






Van Sectium



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