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On the world of Anurushul, situated on the western coast of Migna, is the kingdom of Feron. It is the largest nation of humans remaining on the continent, protected from most of the wandering dead by large mountains and the great desert Estilastis.

Edan Weldenhall has protected this struggling kingdom for decades, but he has grown old, and lost much of his strength. The constant threats of invasion and destruction saps the king and his armies.

Corsairs and buccaneers raid the the northern coast; several races stand on the brink of war; and the ever-present undead may destroy Feron once and for all. Some have lost hope, and have across the great ocean. Others hope to push back the darkness.

Amidst these dark days, three adventurers meet, and together they may change the world…


Mayhew Turnquest

Herium Treeth





Tiberius Urek

Main Page

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